All started in Aotearoa New Zealand back in 2008...

I discovered the Bliss Balls after a yoga session with a friend.
I loved them and thought to myself " this is the best treat". I was running my organic bakery, which took a huge amount of time and energy. I tended to nibble on anything available.

This bad habit and exhausting rhythm led me directly to burn out... I came up with the idea to prepare Bliss Balls and sell them in my shop, which allowed me to choose the best organic ingredients and play with different flavours. It was a real success. Then life took another turn...


After returning to France, I decided to bring back these delicious recipes and make the Bliss Balls with the help of my engineer partner. I am delighted to share these healthy, organic, nutritious and full of Goodness little treats with you, which will bring you satisfaction, vitality and well being without guilt. We source the best organic ingredients and superfoods we can find. 

UP'N MIND Bliss Balls are made in France in the beautiful village of Bargème.